How to Make a Mug Mat

Mug Mat

If you're new to patchwork and quilting or just fancy making a small project, a mug mat - sometimes called a mug rug - is just the thing.
It is of course a small quilt upon which to stand a mug. There are many different designs you can make but this one is quick and easy and the result is very effective.
When finished you'll have a 7 inch square mini quilt.

You will need:

5 strips of fabric - 11 inches long by 3½ inches wide
1 piece of wadding - 8¾ inches square
1 piece of cotton fabric for the backing - 8¾ inches square
1 strip cotton fabric for binding - 40 inches long by 2½ inches

To Make

Seam allowances to be ¼ inch. Take the five strips of fabric and stitch them together so they will make a shape large enough to cover the wadding square. They can be sewn so they are wedge shaped and alternating to give a more random look. See Figure 1.

TIP: If it turns out to be not quite big enough to cover the 8¾ inch square of wadding - add another bit of fabric on the edge from one of the strips where there is extra.

Make a 'sandwich' with the stitched piece you have just made on top (right side up) and backing fabric (right side facing down) with the wadding in the middle.

  1.  Fig 1
  2. Fig 2
  3. Fig 3

Quilt through all layers by stitching along the joins known as 'stitching in the ditch' and then add wavy lines of stitching as shown in Figure 2.
Decide where to cut the 7 inch square out of this quilted piece which, when cut, may look like Figure 2.

Binding - apply a double thickness binding around the edge. You may find 'How to apply double binding to a small project useful'.

Finally enjoy a steaming mug of tea or coffee placed on your new mug mat.