How to make a Folded Christmas Ornament

Folded Christmas Ornament

These Christmas ornaments are easy to make and so cute to hang on a Christmas tree.

I cannot take any credit for the design as I have seen variations of this around for sometime and a clever customer has also made some which can be seen in our Customers' Gallery.

Christmas Ornament

2 small pieces of contrasting patchwork fabric of about 9 inches square
Decorative button (optional)
Short length of cord to make a hanging loop

Take something to draw round to give a circle of about 7.5 inches across. A plate, bowl or pan lid will be fine. Figure 1
Cut two circles from the fabric which should both be the same size. Figure 2

  1.  Fig 1
  2. Fig 2
  3. Fig 3

Put right sides of the fabric together and stitch round the edge using a quarter inch seam allowance leaving 1.5 - 2 inches open to allow for turning through after stitching. Figure 3

Gently pull the fabric through the opening so the right sides are now on the outside and shape before pressing, neatly folding in the fabric around the opening, to make a good circle. Figure 4

Top stitch right round the circle about three-sixteenths of an inch from the edge securing the unstitched seam opening as you go. Figure 5

Fold circle in half and hand sew edges together with a few stitches where shown. Figure 6.
Pinch a crease into the top and bottom fold as shown. There is no need to cut the thread at this point.
Continue by picking up the edges with your needle at both creased points and draw them into the centre and sew with a few more stitches to secure the four quarter points of the circle together. Figure 7

Shape the fabric into a square with the 'petals' pulled out to the corners. Figure 8. Roll 'petal' points over the corners and adjust into position from the back to give a good corner and neat finish. Figure 9. With a large needle (tapestry is good) threaded with the cord, make the hanging loop. Bring the needle up inside the back of the top 'petal' and then take the needle back down leaving sufficient length for tying to make a hanging loop. Tie both ends of cord into a knot which can then sit inside the back flap of the 'petal'.

Many variations can be made with this design which could also make splendid decorations for occasions other than Christmas.