How to make a Christmas placemat from scraps

It is such fun to make something special for the Christmas festivities and placemats can add a touch of Christmas sparkle to your table. A placemat tied up with a pretty ribbon would also make a super gift for someone to keep.

Christmas Placemat


Assumes width of fabric is 42 - 44 inches

8 x 2 inch wide strips of about 10.5 inches long to make central panel. These can be an assortment of Christmas designs.
1.5 width of fabric strips cut at 2 inches for border.
2 width of fabric strips cut at 2.5 inches for binding.
Rectangle of fabric approximately 15 x 18 inches for backing. This can be Christmas fabric, plain or fine calico.
Rectangle of wadding - 15 x 18 inches.
(Optional and in addition to wadding) Rectangle of InsulBright - 15 x 18 inches to reflect heat

All seams to be a scant quarter inch. Press as you go.
Start by taking your 8 strips cut at 2 inches wide which are about 10.5 inches long. Arrange these to give the effect you want before you start. Figure 1. Stitch these together to make the central panel of the placemat. Figure 2.
When all 8 are joined press seams all in one direction and the width should be about 12.5 inches. Trim making the height 9.5 inches as shown in Figure 3.

  1.  Figure 1 - Take 8 strips
  2. Figure 2 - Stitch strips together
  3. Figure 3 - Press and cut to size

Add a length of the border fabric (2 inch) to the top and bottom edges as shown in Figure 4. Add the border fabric to both sides. Figure 5. The seam allowances should all have been pressed neatly together see back of placement Figure 6.

Put the layers of the placemat together - backing face down - wadding (plus InsulBright optional) in the middle - placemat top face up - making sure that the top is centred on the rest of the layers. Pin carefully keeping the seams free for stitching. See Figure 7.

'Stitch in the ditch' along the seams and also stitch round the edge of the placemat top a quarter inch in from the edge. This will act as a guide for the binding. Trim away the wadding and backing fabric so it matches the placemat top. Figure 8.

Join the 2.5 inch strips for binding into one long length and apply as a double binding. For binding see - How to bind a small project .
Double Binding